Classic Stoves Repaired

Do you live in northern California's greater San Francisco Bay region?

Do you have a Wedgewood, an O'Keefe or any old gas stove that needs an adjustment, fix or improvement?

Henry Early Style Wedgewood

High quality repair at reasonable rates!

With proper upkeep, these beautiful classic kitchen centerpieces will last virtually forever.  However, eventually they may need a new spring for the door, a new thermocouple or safety, to have the valves greased (making the knobs easier to turn) or to have the oven temperature recalibrated. While such repair is specialized work, any appliance sales & repair person who may have told you it is impossible to get parts and that you will have to buy a new stove is, in over 90% of such cases, wrong. Hundreds of people have appreciated the calibre and reliability of my service, yet my rates remain reasonable due to my minimal overhead. I choose not to maintain a retail facility or an inventory of used stoves.
However, chrome or nickle restoration does remain an option. And job scheduling is, at your convenience, quite flexible.

If you need service and your computer software provides a functional email capability simply click here to email me.
Otherwise, if you use a remote email provider, send me email at..

Please include in the email your phone number, a few words identifying the type of problem, your town or city and the best time to call.

Counties Serviced

Marin - Sonoma - Solano - Contra Costa - Alameda - Santa Clara - Santa Cruz - San Mateo - San Francisco

In case of a significant leak or other emergency you may shut off the gas to your stove by first locating the gas shut off valve behind the stove on the pipe that carries the gas into the room. Turn it ninety degrees or until the handle is perpendicular to the pipe, shutting off the supply to the stove. I offer this phone number (510 655-1345) only for cases of serious urgency, as I prefer people to contact me by email.

Thank you, Henry Rutgers